Military Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The members of the armed forces usually select to obtain military tattoos to show their pride in their religions, their service, the love for their fallen soldiers and the pride that they obtain in fighting for their own country.

Full back military tattoo

The service members have the option to obtain the well-known tattoo symbols that symbolize their service.

A marine may select a bulldog or an EGA or a seaman may select an anchor.

Soldier with rifle tattoo

The military tattoos usually have the memorials of fellow service members who were unfortunate during their period on active duty.

Some are even tributes to whole units while others to conflicts and wars of the past like the Desert Storm, Vietnam and the Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Colourful military tattoo

There are many service members who select Americana or vintage themes like the pin-up girls or the American flag tattoos to display the pride they have in the nation’s history they are sworn to protect.

These tattoos are usually obtained before the deployment of the service member.

Soldier and flowers tattoo

Many select to have tattooed dog tags on their ribcage and are ordinarily known as a meat tag within the service members.

These specific tattoos usually include original design ideas to provide them a personal and individualized touch.

Soldier’s skull tattoo

A chain or ripped flesh is some of the most ordinary designs that go with the meat tags.

These military tattoos generally have the names of the service members, social security number and even preferred religion.

Soldier with gas mask and flower

The religious views as stated are usually included with the military tattoos.

The symbols like the angels, crosses, and the Star of David are all ordinary together with the background graphics and phrases to symbolize the faith of the service members.

Some have references of the scripture that are strategically placed within their tattoo for an effect that is visually appealing.

Soldier and plane tattoo

The military tattoos are available in all various sizes.

The most common are in locations that are highly visible.

The backs and the arms are very well-known locations to display these remembrance and pride.

Soldier raising flag tattoo

Some of the service members select to have such extraordinary art pieces covering the whole back while some service members select to have military tattoos that are smaller to flaunt off whenever they are not in uniform.