Monster Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The monsters have fascinated and frightened people for many years already using their many incarnations.

Some of the people are very fascinated by such strange imaginary creatures that they plaster themselves in monster tattoos.

These pieces are always grabbing attention whether they are small symbols in conveying this genre’s affinity or even big homages.

Japanese monster tattoo

One of the many places that people go to whenever they consider the monster tattoos is art whether it is films or written fiction.

Some of the most well-known characters are the mummies, zombies and skeletons that are re-animated.

Black and white monster tattoo

As a matter of fact, any live creature may be included in the list of well-known monster tattoos which have the tendency to tap into our fears and people prefer to utilize their imagination for them.

For example you may form a scene of ‘war of the undead’ with zombies fighting vampires, and such.

Monster’s face tattoo

There are many tattoos in this style and are formed by imagination like getting pieces from some stories and forming a creature that is decaying or mutated that usually makes use of a cartoon style with bright colours and exaggerated features.

But you may like to form a more stylistic version with sharp, fine lines or something much more realistic like a portrait.

Colourful monster tattoo

Some prefer to divert to mythology for their monster tattoos.

One just needs to flip through the Celtic and Greek mythology pages to look for a big surplus of ideas.

Some of the familiar Greek monsters are Medusa, Hydra and Cerberus.

Monster tattoos

You may also utilize one of the lesser famous Greek mythology monsters if you want a more extraordinary piece like the ‘hundred handed’ monster or the Hecatoncheires.

You may form a Giegeresque creature that is covered in shining armor or coiling legs like a tree limb and a hundred hands bringing a hundred sharp weapons.

Monster back tattoo

There are many monster tattoos which display much detail in a scene instead of the actual creature.

For example you may display a monster that is oozing and pulling itself from a melting power plant.

Frankenstein tattoo

You may portray a glaistig image with fangs and in a female seductive form and the goat’s lower body enticing the drunken men to her lair.

You may also try to repeat the scene from a favorite monster movie.

The idea is to relate the modern and classic monsters.

For this you may want to create a specific power of a creature tormenting a small town.

Monster sketch tattoo

This type of tattoo art is always fun even if it is intended generally to be on the scary side. Such style has the tendency to be open for lots of creativity and imagination.