Moon Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The moon phases have a big effect on the planet Earth.

The tides is said to be governed by the moon and have an impact on the emotions of the people.

Full moon over forest tattoo

The night seems to be illuminated because of the moon and it is capable of guiding travelers that tend to get lost.

Flowery moon phases tattoo

In the end, the beauty and the simplicity of the moon is a magnificent view to look at.

Due to all of these reasons, the moon tattoos became a very unique and significant picture and image for the enthusiasts of astronomy and tattoo.

Man under moon tattoo

The moon tattoos has a protean nature.

You may opt with so many choices with regards to the design but in the phase you like to symbolize.

You may prefer a full moon or a small crescent or maybe a new dark moon and a shadowed partially moon.

Full moon tattoo

Possibilities for the designs are endless.

There are the moon tattoos that are like cartoons or the Aztec moon.

Sun and moon hand tattoos

Another fabulous choice is the armband tattoos wherein each part may be able to portray the various moon phase cycles.

The moon image may also be shown together with the stars rambling behind it.

Wolf and full moon tattoo

Plenty of people prefer to utilize the moon and sun image together.

Such fantasy figures may also be used like dragons, fairies and other moon goddesses like Mawu of Selene or Diana.

Watercolour moon tattoo

There are other vintage images as well as the Victorian that may be utilized for the moon tattoos.

Such highlighted are the round, content and broad faces, and other cherubic angels, even the young sweet women resting along the crescent length of the moon.

Owl under moon tattoo

There are many other moon tattoos to select from and there are more rooms to be creative.

Ensure that you decide whatever it is that has some importance for you.