Mushroom Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The mushrooms may not the first symbol that people think of whenever they think of body art.

However mushroom tattoos are not just unique in an aesthetical sense.

They are also full of meanings.

Glowing mushrooms tattoo

Generally, they represent male virility.

But in China they symbolize happiness and rebirth.

In Mexico they indicate enlightenment and in some tribes of Africa they are viewed as an emblem for the human soul.

Mushroom arm band tattoo

Most of the people utilize mushroom tattoos in such a colourful way. Generally these tattoos portray items like the elves or fairies that are found on top of a big mushroom that are brightly shaded.

Mushroom house tattoo

They may also have a distinct feel of the hippie culture.

For instance you may see mushroom licked by a toad with rainbow colours that are melting.

The mushroom may be included with a peace sign, with three roots at the bottom and a cap at the top.

This style indicates a relation with a particular drug culture.

Mushroom ankle tattoo

It is ordinary to view mushroom tattoos that interconnect the mushroom with other symbols.

Some few examples are a mushroom that is shaped again and coloured with the shades of a rose, or a mushroom with the wings of a butterfly or mushroom turning into an out of this world creature.

Mushroom and fairy tattoo

The latter is one of the most ordinary of this style and includes items like glowing red eyes, vicious teeth and even claws.

You may also view mushroom tattoos turning into big spaceships wherein such ships always have bright lights that are coloured around the cap and some dust are flying out from under it.

There are many mushroom tattoos done in the style like a cartoon.

Such pieces may present the mushroom in many varieties but it is always converted into a small creature or a person.

Mushroom arm tattoo

They always have big eyes peeping from under the colourful hat of the cap.

Such style may be aggressive or cute depending on the style.

The cute version may have items like bright colours, big pouty lips and long eyelashes.

The violent style may be spike-covered or having a sneer expression or may have a background that is flaming.

Mushrooms and wizard tattoo

Even if it is viewed not that frequent, some of the people may like their mushroom tattoos to be just simple.

These may differ from a plain outline of a whole mushroom or even a sliced one or have a big amount of some detail that is realistic.

An idea for this style may be to utilize a similar design with what you see in a botany book: faded colours wherein each line is drawn carefully and manifested by using a description.

Mushrooms in a bottle tattoo

The mushroom tattoos are viewed not that regularly considering all the very deep meaning so that they will be one of the more extraordinary pieces you will be in contact with.