Mythology Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The mythology tattoos are perfect for their style, diversity and beauty.

This design style holds many meanings for many people and there may be more similarity between the mythological characters.

Poseidon tattoo

Certain qualities that comprise the story of the character relate with their own life or they may be like how a specific story will make them feel.

Each mythological story has images that may be translated to an elegant art piece.

Norse mythology tattoo

There are many people who want to utilize the Greek gods in the mythology tattoos.

There are two among the most well-known gods who are Zeus and Aphrodite.

The latter one or Venus was always utilized in art and considered the goddess of love.

Viking tattoo

Using this figure, you may utilize the conventional image of a sexy lady with golden and long hair going up from the sea.

You may also study her history better and portray the image of her rescuing Paris by engulfing him in a mist and taking him away.

Zeus tattoo

He may rest from Mount Olympus or may peer from the clouds on towards the earth.

One more interesting idea is be aware of the tip from the Symposium of Plato and portray how Zeus was able to bring down thunder bolts to divide the people found below into half.

Celtic mythology tattoo

But the mythology tattoos may not stop at the Greek gods.

Celtic mythology brings also a big deal of imagery that is ever so colourful and also through stories that are ever so fascinating.

Greek mythology tattoo

There are different characters and landscapes that may form such an amazing scene.

For example there are many variations on the “Otherworld”.

Such a landscape was the home of many Celtic goddesses and other supernatural.

Japanese mythology tattoo

Even if in the myth it is not determined on the accurate image of this area, one may tend to be imaginative on the home location of the god or goddess.

Like the tattoos in Greek mythology, there are varied stories that may be converted to art.

Medusa tattoo

Mythology tattoos are like the originated stories and they tend to be very detailed.

It is vitally significant to make a thorough research of each character and setting since you will look very inspired yourself depending on intensity of each story.