Native American Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Native American tattoos bring out an infinite number of design options and may be able to display a real homage to the culture of Native Americans.

There are many tattoos utilized as a symbol for your own status.

Native American chief tattoo

However there are more and more tattoos portraying cultural relations to the heredity of a person, or even an affiliation with a club or a group or symbols of a tribe like those located in the cultures of Native American.

The Native American tattoos are increasing its popularity since many of the gorgeous symbols and drawings of the Native American cultures where nature and the animals are valued.

Eagle and face tattoo

In many cultures of the Native American they say that each item in the universe has a meaning and that men needs to pay attention and as well as respect nature as a whole.

The Native American tattoos are a method of helping a specific spirit with the people most of the time, most especially in doubtful times whenever help is really needed.

Dream catcher tattoo

Native American tattoos portraying animals for instance may suggest astrology and they may symbolize on what a type of person you are.

Basis of this is the character of an animal.

Native American man tattoo

The wolf is one of the most blessed animals that the Native Americans respected.

Such animal is related with those born from February 19 to March 20.

The wolf character is gentle and emotional unless they are angered.

The wolf is cunning and intelligent and loyal.

Tomahawk tattoo

The tattoos of Native American symbolize the zodiac animals and brought also the animal spirit with the person during their lives.

There are other Native American tattoos that portray nature like the wind wherein it is believed by the Native Americans to be a living entity in itself.

Woman with feathers tattoo

The Hopi Native Americans are regarded as the peaceful people and anyone who is a lover of tattoos may appreciate the rich symbols.

The cosmic cross symbol described as a circle with a cross sketched in the middle and four circles illustrated in each of the empty areas is identified as the symbol of Hopi world.

Old chief tattoo

The four circles that are found inside the bigger circle imply the four nations of the Native Americans and the cross inside the circle or the bars symbolize the four directions of east, west, south, and north.

Woman and wolf tattoo

The symbolism power is absolutely great and it is a method to be able to know ourselves better even the world that we live in.

The Native American tattoos will show your individuality and to respect and honor those people who will fight in harmony with nature.