Nautical Star Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The traditional 3-D nautical star tattoos have five points having five points and a line that splits them in half down in every point.

Nautical star with yin yang tattoo

Every triangular half of the point is full of alternating colours, mostly black and white in the first days of nautical star tattoos or black and red was the basic colours.

At present different alternating colours may be viewed thus giving them the 3-D illusion.

Nautical star with wings tattoo

The nautical star tattoos originate more than a century ago with the sailors searching for direction, protection, and guidance.

In the early days, the sailors relied on the stars for navigation to correctly direct them.

They really put their faith in the stars so that they would not fail them in going back to their homes.

Nautical star with anchor tattoo

This is the origin of the now ordinary sailor tattoo, the nautical star.

The star symbolized this and even their way home.

The soldiers also love this tattoo for the same reasons.

Nautical star with flames tattoo

Nowadays, whenever people obtain a nautical star tattoo it bears different meanings.

Some bears the sailor or soldier remembrance in their life while others mean direction in their own life.

Nautical star bicep tattoo

The star tattoos are not fixed to any religion or any way of life.

It looks like that guidance is the general definition of the nautical star tattoos whether you are guided personally or simply just remembering where a person came from and where they are headed for in life.

Nautical star neck tattoo

The Ireland views the nautical star as a good health sign and the lesbian and gay community obtain the tattooed nautical stars on their inside wrist to represent the unity within their relationship preference.

Nautical star with skull tattoo

There are many punk rockers that have these nautical star tattoos.

Even Aaron Carter has one on his right arm.

It is believed that when the star is pointed in the upward direction like on the arm with the longest point facing towards the sky, it represents that a person has a brighter life situation outlook.

Tiny nautical star shoulder tattoo

The nautical star tattoos are a well-known design and were worn previously by soldiers and sailors.

It may now be located on various individuals from all walks of life.

This general design reminds one of what they will look for out of life, their path and goal destinations.