Navy Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The main reason why a particular person will get the Navy tattoos seems dry and cut is they are either in or they have a loved one that is working in the Navy.

But taking into consideration the long history known for the unique body art, these themes have such a cult following.

The symbols utilized in these pieces bear much significance.

Some of the most well-known navy tattoos present simple symbols like the nautical stars, anchors, birds and compasses.

But many people prefer for an image combination to form a big maritime theme or just decorate one or two items.

For example, one may form an anchor portrayal being thrown into the water.

You may also make the anchor filled with jewels or colour it with gold.

The sparrows or swallows placed on the shoulders may hold a banner with the dates, the names or rank or big block letters that says ‘Navy’.

Many Navy tattoos are intended to be protection talismans.

Like the swallows that serve as a spirit guide and also as a coming home symbol, other animals and birds were utilized as safety at sea emblems.

A fabulous example is a fighting rooster and pig on either foot to refrain a person from drowning.

The Navy tattoos also represent accomplishments and may be souvenirs for life from places that the tattoo wearer visited already.

For example, the dragons were tattooed for serving in China wherein a quadruple knot in a rope symbolized the sailing around the International Date Line, Equator, Arctic and Antarctic while the palm tree may have the meant time spent in Hawaii.

There are many Navy tattoos that present the ships and all of their accessories and also the various sailor portrayals or the people met during the trips.

The boats with heavy details across the chest were not strange, and were usually intended as another accomplishment symbol.

They were regularly modeled often ships that the wearer sailed in.

In this design, you may also utilize the crossed cannons images which are simply intended to symbolize the service in the Navy.

The pictures of the female sailors that are dressed inadequately, the hula girls and even the geishas are some of the most utilized archetypes for the Navy tattoos.

These are done generally in the style of a pin up. But you may form a more lifelike or modern portrayal for your own variation.

Hula girl tattoo

The Navy tattoos became well-known among the civilians.

But they have continued to be an accomplishment and pride symbol to those remaining in the service.