Neck Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The neck tattoos are so interesting.

They may either be presented as very discreet or obvious that is depending on the source of the image.

Many tattoo artists keep away from such position but there is still that desire for such placement.

Floral pattern neck tattoo

There are many neck tattoos that are placed at the back of the neck which is a perfect spot for those people who want to hide their tattoo or they may have their hair longer if they so desire.

Whispering devil neck tattoo

Even if the back of the neck is the most well-known locations, there are many people who prefer the bolder look and put them on the sides of the neck or at the throat.

Snake neck tattoo

The neck tattoos located either at the back or at the front will extend past the entire neck.

This set up always feature items like metal chains, text or stars, or flowers and even other religious items like the cross.

Colourful neck tattoo

The neck tattoo style makes accurate portrayal of what really is under the skin thus clean images may be shown or the skin will look like it is cut open or ripped.

Such style may be located on the sides of the neck or the whole style may be from the front to the back.

Neck tattoo for women

Some of the people prefer neck tattoos that are able to display accessories like jewelries and ribbons or other chain types.

These items have charms that are located in a notch or below the collar bone like the stars or hearts.

Neck tattoo ideas

They may be combined together with gems and jewelry theme or the birthstone of the tattoo wearer.

Large neck tattoo

On an occasional basis you may see neck tattoos that have beautiful and simple symbols and designs.

The most well-known design is the Celtic, Aztec and even the tribal patterns.

For the neck tattoos, some of the well-known symbols are the spearheads, feathers, and the gears.

Skull neck tattoo

The neck tattoos are very noticeable for the taste of some people.

However for those people who may have them, they are intended to become a clear statement.

Such statements are usually located in the symbols of the piece, but the placement makes it clear on how significant those symbols are.