Ocean Tattoo Ideas & Designs

You may have a love of water or you may be a water sign.

You may feel your emotions imitate the waves.

You may feel that the ocean symbolizes limitless possibilities, excitement, mystery and infinite power.

The ocean tattoos may be widespread not only the symbolism and meaning but also an artistic beauty matched by few others.

Shark in the ocean tattoo

There are many people that like the ocean tattoos and present ocean life, fantasy figures or people.

These scenes usually portray fish swimming through the water peacefully, the octopuses and sharks fighting other sea life under the water or even the dolphins bursting above the water surface.

Polynesian ocean tattoo

Other favorite pictures of this style are the sirens and the mermaids grooming against a rock that is blown by the wave.

Some people prefer ocean tattoos that appear realistic.

In addition to the images, you may also form a lifelike portrayal of below or above the water.

Ocean waves in triangle tattoo

You may show below the surface the coral, the rocks and seaweed beside the surplus of crustacean and fish.

You may present above the surface the heavy waves that are hitting the rocks or a relaxing breezy beach with a sunset so colourful and reflecting off the water.

Ocean sleeve tattoo

The ocean tattoos may also portray one of the myths that follow the water theme.

For example you may present Poseidon ruling over the sea’s murky depths.

You may also display Oceanus pouring water from the big jug onto the Earth that is newly formed.

Ocean arm tattoo

You may utilize for a piece that is big and full of details the Indian myth of Amrita Manthan.

In this portrayal, you may present all of the demons and gods inspiring an ocean that is filled with colourful and rich items including the moon and the sun with a mountain rising from below the surface and so on.

Colourful ocean tattoo

Some of the people prefer to utilize the ocean tattoos as armbands.

These pieces may be simple and present realistic, freehand or the waves in the style of woodblock.

They present on an occasional basis other items of a maritime slant like the compass rose or a nautical star located in the bicep’s middle or a swimming mermaid or a ship that is sailing around the arm or a North Star.

Japanese style ocean tattoo

An idea is to make a sample from the Aquarius image and have a strong woman or man on the shoulder pouring water around or down the arm and forming an ocean covering the bicep.

Black and white ocean wave tattoo

Even if the ocean tattoos may signify many items to various people, the water design’s flexibility makes it easy to form limitless designs to fit your specific style.