Octopus Tattoo Ideas & Designs

For some people, the octopus tattoos mean adaptability, grace, wisdom and intellect.

For others, they have little important meaning and they think they are beautiful.

Octopus back shoulder tattoo

Most of the octopus tattoos present a realistic portrayal.

These designs are done generally in a bigger style and may display the octopus wrapping the long tentacles around the tattoo wearer either around the sides and back, even the legs and arms.

Colourful octopus full back tattoo

This style may also present this creature in its natural setting which is big rocks, coral hunks, dark scene of blue ocean and even small fishes enveloping it.

An interesting idea may be to form a scene of the octopus fighting with a diver wearing a big antique helmet and even heavy suit.

Octopus foot tattoo

There are many octopus tattoos that display this creature in a most unusual method.

The eight long arms may be morphed into the same image as the spiral disc wheel of a hypnotist.

Octopus shoulder tattoo

The suckers may be converted into small pearls and the round body may be converted into the globe image while the tentacles are utilized to portray the ocean’s strong waves.

With the otherworldly appearance, there are many octopus tattoos that present a creature that looks the same to a big bug or an alien.

Octopus hand tattoo

The body may be morphed into a brain with big and sinister eyes and even the fangs.

While the octopus’ tentacles may be barbed or appear like having a secret in using a lime green poison.

You may have this image a step forward and create an octopus robot.

The arms and the body made of red eyes, shiny metal and guns or the blazing fire from the suckers.

Octopus and pirate back tattoo

Even if some octopus tattoos display a more violent figure, a softer approach may be taken.

This image is done generally in the style of a cartoon and displays the octopus in light purple colours, blue and at times yellow.

Some of the people prefer to display the creature with a very big body and very small tentacles.

Tribal octopus tattoo

At times they have big doe eyes and a cheerful expression.

This style usually portrays the creature while in motion like when playing with its fellow deep sea life, lifting the hat from its head or undergoing through any motions that are like humans.

Octopus thigh tattoo

Even if there are many methods to portray the octopus, whatever you select it will be one of the more extraordinary pieces around.