Oriental Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Oriental tattoos are famous for their sophisticated and elegant styles.

These designs are usually colourful and detailed, and may symbolize anything from strength to anything with simple aesthetic appeal.

Oriental tiger tattoo

Some of the most well-known and familiar Oriental tattoos present items like the koi fish and dragons, warriors and geisha.

The dragons are always done in a style that is the same with statuary.

They are located in an immobile posture, like you are struck in mid-flight, with rippling tail and jaws are wide open.

Geisha tattoo

They are seen on a regular basis in golds and reds, black, jade green and at times purple while the koi fish are done in a bright orange and are usually viewed fighting up in the wild stream.

Most of the geisha and warriors are done in the style of a traditional wood block.

Oriental almost full body tattoo

The warriors are viewed either swiping their swords through the air or fighting with each other.

On the other hand, Geishas are usually displayed in a classic setting like sitting with legs crossed, dancing and a shamisen in her lap and occasionally even lowering the robe in a seductive manner from around her shoulders.

Koi fish tattoo

The plant life and the flowers are also quite well-known in Oriental tattoos.

White lotus blossoms are well liked.

But it is common to view coloured blooms that are bolder.

Big wisteria sprays, an arching, long stalk of phalenopsis orchids with such white delicate flowers and dark pink centers and weeping trees of cherry blossom are quite ordinary for Oriental tattoos.

Oriental shoulder and chest tattoo

You may form a silhouette style with contrasting white colour that is cut into black or even white cut into black for an interesting variation on the motif of classic flower.

In this style you may also add some small birds on the trees’ branches or rising from a small bush that is filled with flowers.

Japanese full back tattoo

The patterns may also be utilized for Oriental tattoos either unto themselves or in the background.

These designs present geometrical patterns with reliable balance.

They are usually simple circles in a spiral manner or blocks of colour.

But they may include anything from the fans that are precisely arranged, disarrayed butterflies and leaves or a combination of plant life, shapes, water, animals and even the buildings.

Oriental dragon tattoo

These patterns may be utilized occasionally to form a bigger scene.

For example, the spiral shapes may be utilized as a tempestuous ocean or as a cloudy sky while the blocks of colour may form bicycles, buildings, mountains or trees.

You may also add slick, full lines to form people and animals to be added to your scene.

Modern oriental skater tattoo

Oriental tattoos are stylish and becoming well-known for a certain period of time.

This is reasonable as they are not just pleasing to look at but holding various meanings and symbolism within each detail.