Owl Tattoo Ideas & Designs

When you think of owl tattoos, the first thing that will enter your mind is wisdom.

But the owls are connected also with the spirituality and psychic energy.

Because of the deep meaning that the owl is related with, there is a big amount of owl tattoos to select from.

Owl and kids swinging tattoo

There are a lot of people who prefer to utilize owl tattoos that are cute.

Their stocky and short stature with big round eyes will enable them to be the prime candidate for this style.

This design variety is always a rainbow of colour.

Geometric owl tattoo

Its wings have the tendency to possess a different colour for each feather rows and its talons and beak are coloured bright orange and its eyes with heavy lids and eyelash are viewed regularly in blue or purple or green.

Such owl tattoos have clear backgrounds and they tend to be place in cloudy nights with moon light and with unnatural colouring.

Owl chest tattoo

Another idea style is the patchwork owl which has the feel of the hand sewn craft with different shades and fabric patterns.

The eyes are a little bit sparse with big round dots and at times with smaller dots enveloping them.

These owl tattoos have clear backgrounds and they have the tendency to have the setting in cloudy and moonlit nights with unnatural colouring.

Owl leg tattoo

Another idea for this style is the patchwork owl and has the feel of a craft that is sewn by the hand with various patterns and fabric shades.

Its eyes are sparser and the big round dots at times smaller dots are covering them.

They are also finished in more muted blue colours, even pinks and whites.

Owl woman tattoo

There are many owl tattoos that present signs and are important to their psychic energy.

An owl with an aura of deep shade or even a third eye is ordinary pieces.

Another instance would be to put an owl that brown and white into the image of a tarot card that is green, bright red and yellow.

Some people prefer also to relate their astrological sign with the owl or just place it into a celestial body.

You may do this by forming a bird outline that is dotted like a star, or even putting the moon’s bright and pitted image in the owl’s face.

Owl and skull tattoo

For some people, the owl’s extraordinary beauty is enough.

For these people, a portrait art style may be achieved.

These birds may be viewed peacefully sitting on a branch or in flight.

There are various owl types that may be utilized.

The most regularly seen is the Great Horned owl which is coloured brown in general with spots of grey and white.

Cute owl tattoos

Another is the Snowy owl which is considered striking in its pure white feather coat.

The Elf owl is less seen frequently but brilliant and almost blue or slate grey.

These birds have the ordinary feature of having big round, penetrating gold eyes which are almost always exaggerated in tattoo art.

Owl mandala tattoo

The owl tattoos may be brilliant for their important meaning or for their extraordinary beauty.

This piece in either way will be unique and is even a fabulous conversation starter.