Patriotic Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Each tattoo relays a story and there are many Americans who prefer to display their pride in this nation with patriotic tattoos.

The well-known American icons like the American flag or the outline of the shape of the particular states or the whole United States are the classic ideas for presenting your patriotic spirit and such designs make outstanding patriotic tattoos.

Patriotic sleeve tattoo

There are many people having patriotic tattoos and made them coloured with words while others smudged with their hometown state symbols.

Some of the most ordinary patriotic tattoos have the bald eagles holding the American flags in their talons.

Patriotic leg tattoo

The letters U, S and A, and the words United States of America are well-known words to be added to the great patriotic tattoo designs.

Statue of Liberty tattoo

There are many people who select to include their patriotic pride into more personal symbols that represent their best interests.

A person that is interested in world peace may have a shaded peace symbol or may be even coloured to appear as it was directly cut from an American flag, displaying stripes and stars.

Scars as American flag tattoo

Another idea is a draped American flag all over a cross to honor the religious freedoms of the country or maybe as a memorial to a fallen service member with the cross having a name and a date.

Flag and eagle tattoo

Waving American flags at the back are well-known also.

At time they are at the back of the bald eagles or at the back of sexy and beautiful women.

There are endless possibilities of including an American flag into your patriotic tattoo designs.

In God We Trust tattoo

Other patriotic tattoo ideas are well-known landmarks all over the country.

The landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Statue of Liberty or the memorials to the twin towers.

For other extraordinary ideas that take into consideration adding of icons like the republican or democratic symbols or the liberty bell or the branch symbols of the military.

We The People arm tattoo

Try to make your tattoo idea more personal.

You may place any phrase or word or slogan you select on a ribbon or banner which may be located below or above your tattoo.

Eagle shoulder tattoo

You may also consider placing a date like the date the independence declaration was signed or the actual day the twin towers fell down.

You may arrive at a decision to place only the day, or only the year or even both. It is your tattoo and your story will depend entirely on you.