Penguin Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Even if most of the tattoos bear a significant meaning, the penguin tattoos are an unusual exemption.

Aside from being a significant and deep art piece to the tattoo wearer, the penguin tattoos are a fun body art.

Penguin mandala tattoo

Most of the penguin tattoos are done in the style of a cartoon.

These birds are usually viewed as cute and endearing.

These qualities are played up regularly by their appearance or with some additional props.

Penguin hand tattoo

For instance, the penguin may have big eyes carrying a sweet look.

They may have very fat bodies and looks like they are wobbling around.

The props may be simple like a scarf covering the neck or as a wintry cloche hat with a daisy placed in the edge.

Geometric penguin tattoo

The penguin tattoos are in the style of a cartoon and do not require to be cute.

There are many penguin tattoos that present this creature in action or a riding penguin on the surf board in the icy water in a round of fisticuffs together with a polar bear or an elegant penguin with a top hat that is waltzing with his female equivalent with sexy curves.

Penguin couple tattoo

The penguin tattoos may go for a smoother look and not make use of the cartoon style.

Tiny penguin ankle tattoo

An idea is to portray the essential bird outlines maybe filling up the small oblong shapes to be able to display the flipper, the beak and a part of the back.

Watercolour penguin tattoo

You may also form a more modern style and utilize clear, round lines to be able to characterize the body and many clear blue, grey and black shades to be able to give it a more effect in dimension.

Penguin side tattoo

If you do not desire to move entirely away, you may form a robotic penguin.

This may consists of many colours for a metallic look and have blazing guns from its flippers, bursting jet all over its tail or shooting lasers from its eyes.

Penguin upper arm tattoo

The penguin tattoos are not ordinary.

This is rather surprising as despite that they may not be full of meanings, they are one of the most imaginative and charming pieces.