Phoenix Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The phoenix tattoos are the final symbol of eternal life and rebirth.

To the Egyptians and Greeks, this symbol represents the dying sun at the end of a day and rising to be reborn in the morning.

Colourful phoenix chest tattoo

It was said that the phoenix is living for five hundred years then went to rest by creating a nest which sets it to flame thus the fire is consuming both.

After three days the phoenix will again rise from the ashes and start anew.

Black phoenix back tattoo

Such tales hit a cord with many people and to convey their rising from the ashes or new beginning they arrived at a decision of getting a phoenix tattoo.

Phoenix sleeve tattoo

Generally the phoenix tattoos are considerable scale surrounding big body sections like the chest, back or covering the upper arm or leg.

There is a valid reason for all of this as most pieces consist of many details and it conveys a new life beginning.

These should be able to make a powerful statement.

Phoenix chest tattoo

The phoenix tattoos are always very colourful.

Most of the tattoos contain yellows, reds and oranges and is closely related with the sun and fire.

But for a more extraordinary look, some people will utilize purples, blues, tones of gold and copper and also greens.

The people will utilize grays and blacks not that often and only make an outline of the massive body and wings of the phoenix.

Small tribal phoenix tattoo

Some well-known phoenix tattoos are viewed with a big bird enveloped by fire.

It may also be viewed obscured in a partial manner and mounting from its ashes or through the bursting of the sun.

An extraordinary idea that may be utilized to represent the days shift is to have your phoenix enveloping the globe with the tail following one end, and the face is shining the other end.

Phoenix full sleeve tattoo

There are many people who prefer to utilize the Egyptian phoenix.

In the early figure personifications, the phoenix had the man’s body and the extensive phoenix’s wings.

Colourful half body phoenix tattoo

Such image changed over a period of time and it was changed into a wholly creature that looks like a bird in the long run.

However the story remained as is and is viewed in art as submerged in flame to start its alteration.

Phoenix chest tattoo

So if you are starting a new life and you are a survivor of troubled time and became stronger because of it or having the idea of the creature that is masterful attracts you, the phoenix tattoos will make a good, strong choice.