Pin Up Girl Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The pins up girl tattoos have always been known to express sensuality, beauty and female empowerment sign.

The classic pin up models was always viewed as the ideal feminine beauty.

They are usually combined together perfectly and by no means without sex appeal.

Pin up girl tattoo

There are many pin up girl tattoos that portray realistically some of the most well-known models.

Some of the people prefer to go to the past in the 1920s for their pin up girl tattoos.

Sepia pin up girl tattoo

These pictures were done in black and white or using sepia tones and usually displayed a girl with wavy hair in different poses and usually covered in exotic costumes or in lace or even almost nude.

Pin up girl upper arm tattoo

But some even have props like parasols, bubbles and feather boas.

In the 1950s, these images bear wilder props and were more colourful. Bettie Page is the most famous and most often utilized pin up models.

Sexy pin up girl tattoo

She was always displayed in bold prints of an animal or in dark leather and was put in many scenes like relaxing on a beach,

posing inside a theme park, or tied with another model with barely any clothes at all.

Pin up girl and flowers tattoo

But most of the pin up girl tattoos is illustrations and they are always work recreations of some of the famous pin up artists or cartoons that are over exaggerated.

One of the most well-known examples is the Varga Girl.

The artist Alberto Vargas focused himself to glorify the womanhood’s sensual image.

Pin up girl chest tattoo

The pin up girl tattoos presenting this style display a bosomed woman with heavy hips and long limbs in different costumes and lingerie.

Most of the women are just posing with hands on a single knee that is bent with the other knee all stretched out or relaxing with her arms behind her head or just lying down on her side with a fiery look in her eyes and a hand that is outlining her face.

Nurse pin up girl tattoo

On the cartoon style, these models are shown in more exaggerated bodily proportions and are displayed in different styles like devils and angels, fairies, robots and gunslingers, among others.

Modern pin up girl tattoo

The pin up girls has a multifold nature and may be unassuming and sassy, sweet, smart and very capable of everything they perform.

No matter how they are styled, they will always bear the symbol of grace, beauty and lustiness.