Pink Ribbon Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The pink ribbon represents the awareness of breast cancer.

But the basis a person may get pink ribbon tattoos are plenty.

People who wear the pink ribbon are those who have the disease or fighting it or even the loved ones of those with breast cancer or those who value their time to look for a cure for the disease.

Pink ribbon and feather tattoo

Most of the pink ribbon tattoos are quite simple and present the ribbon’s basic design.

Generally the customary colours are of light pink shade even if they are done in fuchsia or in bright pink.

Watercolour pink ribbon tattoo

They may be seen on any body parts but are located generally on the wearer’s shoulder blade or on the ankle.

At times people insert their dates, names or even quotes to such simple style to honor those who have breast cancer or even denote highlights in their own war against the disease.

Pink ribbon back tattoo

There are many people who prefer to add several symbolism pieces to their pink ribbon tattoos.

Baby’s breath and a bouquet of snowdrop flowers bearing the hope for a new life and hope symbols respectively may be viewed including oak leaves and fennel flowers both symbolizing strength or even the Queen Anne’s lace and peony which are healing symbols.

Pink ribbon and flower ankle tattoo

The hearts may be viewed always in pink ribbon tattoos and such ribbon may be imprinted into the heart, enfolded around it or even shaped again into the heart’s image.

Abstract pink ribbon tattoo

And these also include names and dates.

People who suffered and even survived the sickness may prefer to contain the ribbon as a tiny part of a general theme and even include the story that relays not only of what they went through but on who they really are.

Memorial pink ribbon tattoo

Some of the pink ribbon tattoos are intended as memorials to the loved ones who suffered from breast cancer.

Some people may be utilized as a commemoration of someone who died because of the disease or to celebrate the life of a person who survived the disease.

Pink ribbon and anchor tattoo

Even if the names and dates are always utilized, portraits are more ordinary.

A border may be placed around the picture by using a pink ribbon or the ribbon may just be tacked to the portrait’s bottom.

Generally, there are other items utilized in this design.

Usually the items or symbols that always bear significance in the person’s life are being remembered.

Brush stroke pink ribbon tattoo

For many people, the pink ribbon tattoos are viewed as a sad emblem while to other people, it symbolizes hope.

However in spite of its being simple and to those who has them, they have an unlimited amount of meaning and depth.