Pisces Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Pisces tattoos are considered compassionate, versatile, imaginative, likeable, charming, good natured, gentle and artistic.

Pisces symbolizes imagination and creativity and the twelfth astrological sign may reflect such.

Pisces leg tattoo

The Pisces sign is always symbolized by a pair of fish that is swimming in two contrasting designs but is bound together by one cord.

This imagery will symbolize the struggle that Pisces will usually find them in as they are regularly pulled in two designs in opposite ways at once that is trying to meet the two halves of the whole piece.

Pisces yin and yang tattoo

These fishes are at times in the form of a yin and yang which is one tail in the face of the other and the other face in the tail and a Pisces tattoo may play off this particular idea.

A design of Pisces tattoo may present one black fish, and one white fish and their eyes are the colour of their twin thus combining both the Chinese philosophy and astrology in one tattoo design.

Pisces fingers tattoo

If you want to follow it traditionally, the Pisces tattoos of the astrological symbol may also be suitable—the “H”.

With two semi-circular moons that are outwardly facing, connecting a line that is horizontal, the symbol shows the two fishes swimming in contrasting directions but connected by their single string.

Pisces shoulder tattoo

However there are more to do with the Pisces tattoos than just two fishes chasing each other’s tail.

This is a symbol of imagination and creativity.

Pisces is a water sign and one of the four changeable signs is that Pisces bears two seasons of spring and winter.

Pisces tattoo with symbol and constellation

This presents the tendency of the Pisces to move to duality and compromise of two varying hemispheres within one entity like the cold winter contrasted with the life and rebirth of spring.

Watercolour Pisces tattoo

The swirling wave images or the snowflakes changing to flowers or the bursting spring colours or just the ordinary Pisces symbol may be utilized as ideas for the Pisces tattoos, either matched or mixed if you prefer to do it.

Sketch of Pisces tattoo

The sign is also connected with the water lily flower and the gemstones amethyst, the cat’s eye, aquamarine, bloodstone, emerald and moonstone.

The Pisces colours usually are those of the aquamarines, the sea, the light blues and teals and Pisces tattoos may include these colours.

Pisces tattoo ideas

The Pisces tattoos may symbolize your personality. You may make your tattoo include the symbols and images that represent you best.