Pitbull Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Even if there are many pitbull tattoos that present this animal in a portrayal that presents the ferocious and aggressive traits that this breed is famous for, there are many people who have this art style to display their love for this misconstrued beast.

Realistic pitbull tattoo

There are many pitbull tattoos that present only the face and head and at times the dog’s shoulders.

This style ranges from a cartoon image that is cute to a menacing creature showing its sharp teeth.

Tribal pitbull tattoo

It is common to view the strong features of the face of a pitbull with an angry expression with savage eyes and close-cropped ears.

The eyes of many pitbull tattoos usually relay the most.

Raging pitbull tattoo

They are always done in demonic red or have ice or fire reflection or present the image of a small, frightened creature that is staring at the dog.

For the style of a cartoon, there are many people who prefer to maintain the combative animal theme and display a pitbull with big eyes, tiny ears and big body with a collar with spikes carrying a leg or arm or shaking an animal or a person.

Pitbull made of dots tattoo

Another common pitbull tattoos example is the style of a portrait.

These are utilized always by the people who prefer the breed or the tattoo wearer may utilize a picture of their very own pitbull.

Pitbull thigh tattoo

These present always the animal’s passive version and may display full body or bust image.

They are always in colour or in monotone shades.

At times the barest outlines may be used. Such design is always utilized as a memorial piece to a pitbull that is well loved.

Pitbull bicep tattoo

Some of the pitbull tattoos utilize this animal in the style of a fantasy.

With their sturdy and strong frame, not so common features and broad head, such beasts may be added to a piece with a mythical theme.

One instance would be to form a creature that is like a chimera.

Pitbull leg tattoo

You may utilize the frame and head of a pitbull and add the mane of a lion, wings and an alligator’s tail.

You may also portray the pitbull as Orthrus which is a dog with two heads in the Greek mythology and standing beside his master Geryon.

Colourful pitbull tattoo

Because of their utmost strength, threatening appearance and such poor reputation, some of the people view pitbulls as a fearsome creature.

But they are the perfect animal for those people that love them.

This perfect combination of bad and good, of love and fear creates an outstanding symbol and it is enough reason for all to utilize this appealing design.