Polynesian Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Polynesian Islands have a tattoo history and the Polynesian tattoos are well-known at present among the Polynesians and the people who like the design or culture of Polynesian.

Even if true Polynesian tattoos signify a traditional and painful tattooing process, the Polynesian designs are not hard to include into a modern tattoo.

Polynesian sleeve tattoo

The most famous Polynesian tattoos are the Maori tattoo that consists of detailed spirals for men that usually covers the whole face and buttocks and the legs and of curved designs covering the women’s chin.

Polynesian chest and shoulder tattoo

For the Maoris, the procedure of getting tattooed is viewed as a mark of courage in the ritual manner and the tattoos continue as a personal identification element.

This strong cultural connection are present till today so if you are not Maori and making use of a Maori design for your tattoo is viewed as disrespectful.

Polynesian fish tattoo

Due to this, if you love the sense of design of the Maori you may look for someone who understands the tattoo style’s cultural issues and may be able to have a tattoo design for you that makes use of the curves and spirals of the Maori tattoo but does not borrow the cultural significance.

The designs that are inspired by Maori work well found on any body part and are suited well for the facial Polynesian tattoos.

Polynesian spiral tattoo

The other Polynesian tattoos have design abstracts but is full of cultural significance like the Samoan tattoos that cover big areas of the body with detailed designs.

The tattoos of men run from the location under the ribcage to the ankles with big design areas in all black while the traditional Polynesian tattoos of the women cover more skin but no solid areas.

Such designs may be a great inspirational source if you desire to make a big tattoo design with small elements that are repetitive most especially if form your very own personalized symbol as the tattoo basis.

Polynesian leg tattoo

It is vital to note that some traditional Polynesian tattoos are in an abstract form completely.

For instance even if the traditional Hawaiian tattoos usually has significant designs in an abstract form, personally and culturally, the Hawaiian flora and fauna is usually included in the designs.

Polynesian tiki tattoo

The sea turtles, the dolphins, the lizards and flowers may all be included into the traditional Hawaiian tattoos even if they are very stylized.

Each of the elements of design show respect for a specific plant or animal for its extraordinary attributes or qualities.

If you prefer the Hawaiian style, you may have a design of an appealing tribal interpretation of your preferred plant or animal.

Polynesian turtle tattoo

But the Polynesian tattoos don’t include the tribal tattoo designs.

Inclusive are designs inspired by Polynesia.

Hawaii inspires many designs with such well-known designs like Hawaiian hibiscus and ghost orchids.

The Tiki tattoos are another well-known design that is inspired by Polynesia and are usually utilized in a playful manner.

Some of the people with the tiki tattoos may connect with the culture inspiring the design.

Most people that utilize the tikis as a tattoo design are interested in the tiki culture of the 1960s and 1950s.

Polynesian shoulder tattoo

Whatsoever is your interest in the Polynesian tattoos, you may be able to look for inspiration for a tattoo design with a personal meaning within the Polynesian tradition.