Praying Hands Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The praying hands tattoos are one of the several appealing tattoos that a person may have.

They are also one of the most well-known tattoos on the market.

It does not only represent prayer but also because of the story behind the tattoos of praying hands.

Here is a true story of selfless sacrifice and love for another.

Praying hands shoulder tattoo

There are two brothers coming from a very big family liked to study art at the Nuremburg academy.

However they knew their father will never send them to school to study.

Praying hands leg tattoo

The period of this setting was in the 15th century and money was hard to earn then.

So they made a decision to flip a coin and the winner will study while the other brother will work in the mines to financially support the winner of such toss.

The two brothers were Albert and Albrecht Durer.

Praying hands tattoo ideas

Albrecht won the toss and he would venture in studying for four years and then would provide money for the study of his brother by selling his artwork and would also work in the mines if necessary.

Albrecht was very talented and his work was even better than the works of his professors.

At the end Albrecht graduated and he was earning a very decent living with his artwork.

Praying hands with wings tattoo

Then it was time for Albert to start his studies.

One day Albrecht came home, he saw his brother praying on his knees and it made his heart break.

His brother was all the while always praying for Albrecht to be a successful artist and Albert’s hands were extended upward to heaven in prayer.

The hands looked like it belonged to an old man and they couldn’t be used at all anymore.

Beside Albert was a painting resemblance on a canvass and the painting was not recognizable.

Praying hands tattoo in colour

Albrecht cried and drew an image of the hands of his brother in prayer.

Albrecht Durer has etchings, paintings, charcoals, among others in majority of the well-known museums worldwide after more than 400 years.

But the most well-known portrait is “The Praying Hands”; thus praying hands tattoos remain one of the most desired tattoos all the time.

Praying hands with dove tattoo

There are many partners having the praying hands tattoos to symbolize their undying love and you may not find a good tattoo to symbolize your love.

Many husbands have the tattoo to reveal their willingness to make a sacrifice to protect and love their wife.

Praying hands head tattoo

One design on the praying hands tattoos is to place the names of the couples in each of the hands.

It shows also that you are willing to make a sacrifice for a loved one.

However the husband or wife may see their name in one of the hands thus proving it is the person to whom the loyalty and love is pledged forever.

Praying hands finger tattoo

The next time around that you want a tattoo, always bear in mind that the praying hands tattoos when true meaning and beauty are significant.

If you do not want the beauty change of the praying hands tattoos, try to place your names above or under your hands or one name under the hands or one name above to be able to add meaning to a loved one.