Princess Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Generally the princess tattoos are very feminine that are made to describe how the tattoos wearers feel about themselves as demanding, noble and very charming.

It may indicate fascination with the fantasy or real archetypes.

The princess idea entails the image of the settings of majesty, the dramatic scenes, and rich colours.

All of these lead to beautiful and bold body art pieces.

Watercolour princess tattoo

There are many princess tattoos that depict fairytale, fantasy or the mythological images.

The pictures of fairytale princesses include Sleeping Beauty peacefully resting with a rose placed across her chest or Cinderella transforming from the servant image to a princess in a glittering dust cloud or Snow White in harmony with the seven dwarves.

Thin line princess tattoo

These are done in either in an old illustration design or in a cartoon style.

The fantasy princess tattoos include fairies which symbolizes a free-spirited femininity, the brave medieval princesses killing dragons or just resting in a garden that is enclosed by other fantasy creatures.

Castle and princess shoe tattoo

You may also utilized the mythological princess stories for your tattoo piece.

For example, you may have Andromeda chained and thrown out into the sea monster or Cassandra with a snake encircling her neck and the tongue of the serpent in her ear or Psyche trekking the Mount Olympus.

Colourful princess tattoo

It is ordinary for the people to have princess tattoos that are simpler and always portray bold script that say “princess” or include poetry or names or quotes or dates.

These are usually located in ribbon or in the flowers’ detailed borders, or in spirals or in Celtic knots.

Disney’s princess tattoo

Some of the people may translate the word into various languages or may even make use of Greek or kanji or the Hebrew lettering.

Other people may prefer to have other style symbols like tiaras or crowns; the letter i that is dotted with a flower; or the small ladybugs or stars or butterflies that bounds the lettering.

Sleeping beauty tattoo

There are many people who like to make use of image that looks like a cartoon for their princess tattoos.

These include pieces that are crudely sketched that usually portray the princess in a not so flattering light.

Others present a more superior illustration of a princess in the Edwardian or Victorian style having a tiny crown to show her status.

Princess outline tattoo

The anime princesses also became well-known and portray a tiny delicate woman with really large eyes and long hair and bulging gowns and tiaras that are pointed.

It is often in different pink shades or blue or purple shades.

Such characters may also have wings that are located on top of gold or white steeds or even put in front of a castle that is located in the clouds.

Princess written on arm tattoo

Even if the princess tattoos may not suit all people, those who have them will always have a place in their heart for these charming tattoo pieces.