Prison Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Generally, the prison tattoos are for those who have been imprisoned.

Lots of people still prefer to utilize these tattoos to be able to express the toughness that they see within themselves.

Prisoner full body tattoo

The prison tattoos are also full of symbolism and may signify why a person would obtain this body art style.

But it is significant to keep in mind that many prison tattoos have pessimistic and harmful implications and it is important to remember that if you like not to be connected with them.

Prison escape tattoo

Most of the prison tattoos depend on the served time inside the prison.

A spider web located on the shoulder or elbow indicates being trapped.

In some situations, this specific style includes a tiny insect that is caught within the web to indicate the tattoo wearer.

Prison body tattoo

A time spent in prison or time lost may illustrate an hourglass or the face of a clock without hands.

The tombstones with dates are always utilized to determine the imprisonment time, the release time and the total number of spent years in between.

The locks, chains and brick walls are loss of freedom symbols.

Prisoner with tattoos

The walls are portrayed with the bricks that are trying to escape specify the reclaiming desire for freedom.

It is common and ordinary to view the prison tattoos destined to express specific preferences or attributes of the tattoo wearer.

Prison hand tattoos

For example, there are many cases that a specific number like the number 13 in bold letters will express the utilization of the wearer of marijuana even if it is related with specific symbols of the gang; or maybe a drop of a tear may symbolize murdering a person or a death of someone close to the tattoo wearer; or a group of numbers that may point out an ID number of an inmate.

Prison face tattoo

The tombstones are further utilized for this specific design. But the dates may indicate birth and death date to be able to indicate the death of a loved one.

Prisoner chest tattoo

A vast number of prison tattoos have many gang connections. Various pieces bear a specific affiliation that is really radical and violent.

But some of the symbols like the crowns, indicating the gang’s head or skulls, symbolizing death, or numbers, presenting territory in a regional pattern are all such ordinary emblems and very general for the gang and prison related body art.

Prisoner tattoos

Each of the items has a specific meaning especially if it is related with the prison tattoos.

Many state simply the freedom longing and a lasting reminder of where the tattoo wearer really came from.