Raven Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The raven tattoos may signify many things.

It is not shocking to know that the raven has many meanings aside from the various stories.

One of such stories may be utilized for the raven tattoos to symbolize transformation.

Raven chest tattoo

The raven is the shape shifter.

A portrayal of this may be a big figure with wings and head of the raven and the man’s body.

The bird’s dark colour in black is regarded as a mystery symbol.

Raven hand tattoo

In this portrayal, you may present a velvet curtain in red that goes with the raven’s outstretched wings and the secret that is hidden behind the curtain that barely hides it.

You may also utilize the same style to display the raven in the dark night that is behind a sky full of stars to be able to show an amazing sunrise.

Raven breast tattoo

The raven tattoos may also present their position in literature.

An instance is the poem of Edgar Allan Poe “The Raven”.

You may portray a particular scene of this bird that is sitting on the Pallas bust staring down on its face with a menacing expression.

Abstract raven tattoo

For a simpler portrayal of the raven in literature you may put the raven’s portrait image cawing threateningly at the onlooker while standing in the open book’s pages.

The book may be detailed and have a particular selection from a poem or story.

Raven thigh tattoo

Together with literature, the raven tattoos may also use many of these bird’s myths. You may recreate in an easy manner the illustration of the 18th century of the two ravens that are perched on Odin’s shoulder and whisper some secrets to his ear or even a raven that is oversized that frees the tiny men from a big clam.

Raven close up tattoo

The raven is viewed as the mediator between death and life.

There are many myths that portray the idea and such stories may also be done in tattoo art recreation like a raven that is getting the spirit from the body of a person and bringing it to its target.

Raven sleeve tattoo

For a murkier portrayal, you may use some of the previous illustrations to form the raven’s image that is sitting on the gallows.

Raven with children tattoo

Even if the birds appear simple, the raven tattoos are really simple.

The mythology, history and beliefs in this creature as a whole make it a fabulous art piece in any medium.