Rebel Flag Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The rebel flag tattoos are also regarded as the Confederate flag tattoos or the Southern Cross tattoos and usually viewed in two very different sides.

At present the southerners regard the rebel flag with a combination of shame and pride.

Rebel flag on chest tattoo

On the other hand the rebel flag tattoos symbolize the rights of the states and pride.

There are many people who have these tattoos regard them in that respect and are in the same direction that the American flag symbolizes independence and pride.

Worn out rebel flag tattoo

But since the major issues that enveloped the utilization of the rebel flag like the battles over slavery and Civil War, there are many people who consider rebel flag tattoos as a racism and hate sign.

Rebel flag on palm tree tattoo

Due to this, someone that likes a rebel flag tattoo to be shown visibly should always remember that the rebel flag is related closely with the death of many Americans and the whole race’s enslavement.

Depending on the tattoo presentation and other symbols and designs surrounding it, it is thus possible to portray the rebel flag positively.

Rebel flag arm tattoo

The original design for the rebel flag came from the Crux Australis which is a visible constellation in the southern hemisphere.

It is portrayed in the coats of arms of many nations and since it is located in the sky it is therefore a symbol of the southern pride for a long time now.

Rebel flag with deer tattoo

The rebel flag tattoos in the typical sense are simple in design.

However there are many that may be embellished more.

There are ordinary patterns like a crossbones and a skull over the flag’s top or the word ‘rebel’ that is nearby the flag.

Rebel flag on death’s wings tattoo

A rebel flag tattoo that is more patriotic has a flying bald eagle over the top of the flag or across it.

But there are more rebel tattoos that are geared for the racist and having the words ‘southern justice’ on them and also presenting a noose.

Rebel flag with cross tattoo

The rebel flag tattoos are well-known among the specific bikers so the tattoo design includes a motorcycle too.

Another ordinary design is the tattoo surrounded by flames illustrating the southern pride fire.

In addition, some of the people obtain their names and their loved ones’ names tattooed on the rebel flag.

Rebel flag and little cowboy tattoo

As a whole, there are various methods to portray the rebel flag so that the rebel flag tattoos are as varied as the people who have them.