Religious Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The tattoos are present against many beliefs of the people.

In many religions the body is regarded as a temple and should never be blemished.

In the meantime some of the people believe that the religious tattoos are one of the various methods to convey their devotion to their faith and be able to view it as a method to strengthen and display the permanent devoutness.

Buddha with lotus tattoo

There are many Western religion examples in tattoos.

The symbols of the Christian and Catholic worship may be viewed anywhere in praying hands, or in crosses or deities images, saints and angels.

Jesus on the cross tattoo

The crucifix is the preferred portrayal and presents Jesus hanging from the cross and usually in white and black with some red for the blood.

These usually have some quotes in Latin that comes directly from the bible or the location is stated that it may be found.

There are many people who prefer to utilize the mother Mary image.

Jewish tattoo

Her expression is always sad and her arms are always wide apart like she is welcoming you even if she is at times portrayed holding the sacred heart image.

Even in Judaism tattoos are regarded as prohibited, there are many people who prefer to utilize the Star of David and utilize religious quotes in a beautiful lettering in Hebrew.

Christian praying hands tattoo

There are also many religious tattoos in Eastern.

The Buddhist wheel is a well-known design. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of afterlife and life.

The limitless knot is another outstanding religious tattoo example that is understood from symbology.

Hindu Ganesh tattoo

This symbol is intended to display the limitless compassion and wisdom of Buddha.

Some of the people also prefer to utilize the colourful and detailed design of the Ashtamangala or even eight auspicious symbols which mix the eight symbols that the Buddhist consider lucky.

There are other various symbols that may be utilized in this art style like the Buddhist flag, the Four Guardian Kings and many other attractive offerings, among others.

Catholic religious tattoo

Hinduism is quite general in its symbolism.

One of the most utilized symbols is the Om or Aum which is one of the most significant faith symbols.

It represents many important triads wherein one is the three worlds which are the atmosphere, heaven and earth.

Shiite Muslim tattoo

The lotus is another significant emblem and symbolizes detachment and beauty.

Such a detachment is significant as it gives freedom to a person from being born again.

Hindu full back tattoo

This covers all the religious tattoos’ possibilities.

Every religion has its own symbols, beauty and styles.

With patience and research you will be able to search the outstanding style to convey your personal devotion.