Rose Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The tattoo of a heart or a rose is very well-known and a beautiful design.

They may be worn anywhere and are tattooed ordinarily on the lower or upper back, on ankles, armbands or shoulders.

Burning rose tattoo

The heart is recognizable to everyone that symbolizes affection or romantic love.

In addition, the heart symbolizes the spiritual, moral and emotional human’s attributes.

The red heart tattoo symbolizes blood or the strong emotion and passion.

Rose arm tattoo

A red rose is always partnered with a heart as a widespread love symbol.

Some of the people prefer to have a rose tattoo and heart with the person’s name that is considered very dear and special to them.

Rose hand tattoo

The rose colour may have an important meaning.

The reference symbols of the colours are regarded as entertainment and don’t justify the desired colour.

It is fine if you choose a preferred specific colour.

There are no harsh rules in having a tattoo that is your final expression.

Rose inside bear tattoo

Some of the colour symbolization of the rose is:

  • Black Rose means death;
  • Orange Rose means desire, enthusiasm and excitement;
  • Dark Pink Rose means appreciation and gratitude;
  • Red Rose means respect, courage, love and passion;
  • Light Pink Rose means sympathy and admiration;
  • Pink Rose means grace and happiness;
  • White Rose means purity, youth, innocence, reverence, charm;
  • Yellow Rose means joy and friendship;
  • Peach Rose means friendship and modesty;
  • Purple Rose means enchantment

You do not need to stick with one colour.

The rose tattoo’s multiple colours are appealing and captivating.

They may be a combination of the bloom bouquet or a blend of colours for one rose.

Rose with geometric shapes tattoo

Some of the common mixed colour meanings are:

  • Pink and white rose means I will always love you;
  • White and red rose means unity;
  • Yellow and orange rose means passion;
  • Red and yellow rose means happiness and congratulations
Rose shoulder tattoo

There are limitless methods to have a rose design done on your body like two roses that are combined together to create one stem and this signifies an upcoming marriage or engagement.

Rose with skull and clock tattoo

A rose with no thorns symbolizes attachment or love at first sight.

Rose with thorns symbolizes darkness or even add to your tattoo a gothic twist and may be a reminder that love is always with risk.

Rose wrist tattoo

The rose bouquet in full bloom symbolizes gratitude.

One rose in full bloom means simplicity and love.

If you add leaves to the stem of the rose tattoo, it represents hope.

A crown made of roses may represent reward or virtue.