Sailor Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The sailor tattoos in general symbolize courage even under pressure, bravery and the toughness of the spirit.

Many of the symbols utilized in the sailor tattoos are talismans for protection.

Sailor full back tattoo

There is a big array of symbols utilized in the sailor tattoos.

Some of the most well-known are the birds like sparrows and swallows and the nautical stars.

The sparrow was utilized when a sailor went around 5000 nautical miles while a swallow was utilized to symbolize protection and of the spirit being raised on top of the waters if ever the ship will sink.

Anchor tattoo

Many of the sailor tattoos present various images to indicate their travels which are the same as the portrayal of a sparrow.

A dragon was tattooed on a sailor if ever he crossed the International Date Line which is a sailing anchor in the Atlantic or the palm trees for the service in the Mediterranean.

Sailor chest tattoo

There are many emblems that may be utilized in modern portrayals.

For example, a compass rose may be combined with the astronomical or astrological signs.

It may also be put in the flower bud or shooting into space just like an asteroid.

Compass rope and anchor tattoo

Many of the sailor tattoos present pin up girls in the form of geishas, pirates and hula dancers.

Such images may also be updated by making use of the latest female stars or more challenging views.

Modern sailor tattoo

Some of the sailor tattoos avoided the unclear symbolism together with the ship and all its accessories.

These designs usually present a more detailed wooden boat at times with a bare mermaid at the bow or a pirate flag that waving from the ship’s mast.

Sailor sleeve tattoo

It is common for other things to be put along with the ship or a rope that is tightly knit framing the portrait or a big anchor that is going down below the water are somewhat common.

Sailor thigh tattoo

You may also form an image presenting the boat’s upper deck or the inside.

On the deck itself, you may utilize an elaborated version of the spoke wheel that is wooden.

Sailor back tattoo

Even if the sailor tattoos are still utilized by people with a sea career, they may be converted easily into appealing pieces for those who have a similarity for the history, nature or culture enveloping these captivating history bits.