Scorpio Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The Scorpio tattoos are usually mysterious, sensual and dark.

These are some of the main personality traits of the zodiac’s eighth sign.

Realistic Scorpio tattoo

The two most well-known designs are the glyph which is similar to an M with a pointed and elongated right sign suggesting the scorpion’s poisonous tail and legs or the conversion of an angry looking and dark scorpion that is ready to attack any moment.

Scorpio constellation tattoo

Some of the people may also select to look into the sign’s mythology for their Scorpio tattoos.

The Scorpio is present in various myths.

But the most famous is Scorpius who was a scorpion that the goddess Hera called and rose from the ground and exterminated Orion.

Scorpio chest tattoo

Scorpio is also related in many tales with the Lord of the Underworld.

A fabulous design may be formed by making use of vivid and strange stories.

Scorpio with stars tattoo

With the threatening look of the scorpions, it is expected that many Scorpio tattoos should appear the same.

By putting in other images to represent the intimidating nature of such creatures, it is easy to represent many shades that build up the Scorpio individual.

Scorpio and sign symbol tattoo

For example, there is a scorpion enveloped by flames to be able to signify the passionate nature of the sign or be able to add up other important elements to the tattoo wearer to display the pride that most of the Scorpios feel within.

Scorpio hand tattoo

Most of the Scorpio tattoos are accomplished in reds and blacks.

But you may add up easily great colour amount.

One appealing idea is the robotic scorpion which may be done in whatever colour and be set up a metallic appearance.

You may also provide the alien appearance.

Tribal Scorpio tattoo

It is assumed that such creatures have an out of this world look in the natural way then you may be able to form a scene that is inventive enough of a grey or green Scorpio going around the icy surface of Pluto as this is the Scorpio’s ruling planet.

Scorpio ankle tattoo

The Scorpio tattoos are fascinating as they not just convey the tattoo wearer’s astrological sign but they also convey the intense, creative and daring nature of the Scorpio.