Scorpion Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The scorpions are tiny but potent.

They usually symbolize duality and you may look like unassuming and harmless.

However in reality you are powerful item to be considered.

Scorpion neck tattoo

Maintaining the duality theme, the scorpion tattoos have been used for a long time already to protect not only from the actual sting of the creature but also from the sting of the powerful humans and of the evil spirits.

However they may also be viewed as weapon to be utilized to protect for malice.

Watercolour scorpion tattoo

A big number of scorpion tattoos are done in gray and black as this displays them to the best of their advantage.

Such monotone images may also be combined with colour hints to produce a more amazing appearance like a hiding scorpion snuggled in the rosebud or found in blue tattoos to be able to make it appear like water drops that are formed in a scorpion shape.

Scorpion ankle tattoo

But the full colour scorpion tattoos permits more utmost detail.

If ever you arrive at a decision to put the scorpion in a bright setting or just by itself, there is a colour plethora to select from.

Realistic scorpion tattoo

The scorpions in a natural way like to utilize more vivid colours like neon green which may be combined easily with the hazard or even the bio hazard symbols to make an extraordinary design, or purple, or metallic or bright blue or crimson red.

Scorpion leg tattoo

Most of the scorpion tattoos appear realistically.

One of the most ordinarily utilized varieties is the emperor scorpion which is a grey and light black colour with just a slight hint of the colour brown all over the tail and has a slim body with big pointed claws.

You may also utilize these creatures in such a fashion unrealistically.

Tribal scorpion tattoo

The red claw scorpion is brown and red shades and may be morphed into the bright red flower image or gem.

The Asian forest scorpion is usually in black and looks like it is covered in shiny leather.

Scorpion palm tattoo

You may have an extraordinary approach with this scorpion type and make the tail poisonous to form the shape of a cat with nine tails or even a riding crop.

Scorpion thigh tattoo

Most of the people wince at the scorpion idea.

Even if it is small, such figures may be threatening.

Whenever it is related with body art, the scorpion tattoos will have the same effect and are both intimidating and beautiful to those people who may dare to look at it.