Script Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The script tattoos are preferred because of the personal and beautiful touch that was added to several body art pieces.

Large script arm tattoo

There are many people who prefer to obtain them to be able to convey their feeling or to be able to display their respect or love to a particular person.

But there are still many others who insert script to their body art as a method to pay tribute to a bigger picture.

Script arm tattoo

There are many script tattoos that are simple but such elegant pieces present only the letters. These usually mention things like joy, love or no regrets.

There are many people who prefer to add quotations connected to them.

Large script chest tattoo

Others prefer to have longer quotes, or song lyrics or religious sayings and bible verses.

Some of the people prefer to utilize the names of the loved ones, pets and friends.

There are different scripts to select from.

Tiny script tattoo

For instance, you may reach a decision on a stylish Zaner-Bloser script.

You may select an italic Getty style or just a simple cursive scrawl is enough.

For a more personal and extraordinary touch, you may utilize your own handwriting or your loved one’s that may be considered as an inspiration.

Script leg tattoo

The script tattoos are usually added with a piece that is decorated with more ornaments.

This style is ordinarily used for the memorial pieces or portraits and mention items like dedicated to or in loving memory.

Script arm tattoo

They have dates, names and other relevant sayings.

At times the people prefer to include a more religious significance to this specific style.

For example, you may view a Buddhist prayer that is wrapped into the dharma wheel’s spokes.

You may also view a bible verse that is written all over the Latin cross or even all over the white dove’s wings.

Script tattoo on male chest

Some of the script tattoos keep its simplicity with just a small number of accessories. Included in these items are the borders or backdrops.

The borders may consist of heavy chain link to the delicate spiral patterns while the backdrops may be the scrolls, the open books or ancient parchment paper.

At times the people prefer to add small relevance symbols and interconnect them into the script or put dots in the letters.

You are loved script tattoo

Generally the script tattoos are really basic and an outstanding piece for a person who prefers something that is graceful, simple and personal.

They are also a fabulous addition to any bigger body art piece and a direct way of conveying who you really are and what you love in your own personal life.