Sea Turtle Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The sea turtles have always been viewed as a symbol for self-preservation and wisdom.

They are considered a long life symbol in some cultures while in other cultures they were given the name ‘the navigator’ and are considered a sign of finding your own direction to the ‘dark waters’ of life.

Sea turtle leg tattoo

Aside from the symbolism a person may be attracted to the sea turtle tattoos.

These reptiles are just as fascinating and may be morphed into a beautiful and extraordinary design.

Sea turtle in triangle tattoo

There are many sea turtle tattoos present this creature in an uncomplicated manner.

Generally they are tiny and display an image of one of the seven living types in a realistic manner.

In this version type, they may be at times displayed as swimming in a water spurt or just floating on an ocean floor.

Sea turtle mandala tattoo

An appealing twist is to display the green sea turtle enveloped by all the rocks and coral in shades of blue to be able to make the deep dark waters to light up.

Colourful sea turtle hand and arm tattoo

The sea turtle tattoos usually display complicated details on the shell.

Such designs may overall display the sea turtle or by the shell itself.

For instance one may form an oval on a big part of the body that has tiny tiles in shades of yellow, green or brown.

They may also present bolder colours, metallic shades or gems.

Sea turtle foot tattoo

You may also form a mosaic design that displays other symbols like the sun or the stars or the flower’s open blossom.

To be able to continue with a theme that is nautical, you may also engrave the compass rose image on the sea turtle’s back.

Black and white sea turtle tattoo

Some of the people like sea turtle tattoo that present bigger number of images or an extraordinary portrayal.

The tribal and Hawaiian turtles are two fabulous examples of the former.

Such two styles are the same.

Hawaiian sea turtle tiki tattoo

They are always done in black, present a turtle outline that is almost realistic and both have detailed patterns reduced into the monotone image.

Instead of showing some bare skin, you may add colour splashes into the portions that are cut out, or form an orchid array and tillandsia plants in the middle of its back.

Small sea turtle ankle tattoo

The sea turtles spend most of their time under water and only go afloat for a fast burst of air.

Such image attracts many people as it symbolizes a specific amount of safety but also mystery.