Seahorse Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The seahorse tattoos are also grace and creativity symbols aside from having the appearance of an otherworldly.

This tattoo is an attention getter and always viewed as cute and may be done in different styles.

You may be able to form creative and elegant pieces as this image is a representation of.

Seahorse leg tattoo

The problem many people face when looking for seahorse tattoos is selecting the correct style.

There are two most well-known styles like the irritated inflamed creature and the cute cartoon images.

There are actually many selections to choose from even if these are the two appealing and feasible options.

Flowery seahorse tattoo

There are more advanced seahorse tattoos that may be stylishly done and these looks are embossed or carved.

This style may be done in solid colours that are lush and velvety and even with metallic shade or even appears like a wood or a marble.

Seahorse mandala tattoo

For some additional effect, you may throw in the gems, flowers or waves that are highly stylized.

You may also form a background scene with the water and be able to add items like seaweed and coral.

Seahorse sketch tattoo

There are many people who like fantasy seahorse tattoos.

Even if this is similar with the cartoon style, there are usually more chimerical and less cute.

These seahorse tattoos usually have the image morph with dragon or unicorn or an alien.

Seahorse shoulder tattoo

They are always enveloped by the stars or waves but at times a fire design that looks like a wave is replaced.

A particular idea for this style is to have either a mermaid riding the fantasy seahorse’s back, or a fairy while riding across the ocean.

Watercolour seahorse tattoo

It is ordinary to view seahorse tattoos that integrate other symbols.

One of the more well-known portrayals is the picture of two seahorses combining together into the heart shape image.

Tribal seahorse tattoo

Another preferred image is the flame bursting seahorse’s lower body that is jagged.

For more tough and extraordinary portrayal, you may put a curve on the body into the piercing shape of a shuriken.

Seahorse thigh tattoo

Even if there are many creative ideas that may be utilized for seahorse tattoos, there are many people who still like a simple and refined outline in black.

But you select to have this image design even if you are sure to get some constructive attention.