Shark Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The shark tattoos were viewed as the artistic bravery expression and a protection symbol.

The shark as the predator considers it as the outstanding fortitude symbol and the toughness of spirit.

Realistic shark tattoo

There are many sailors who have shark tattoos to display their fearlessness to the usual frightening temper of the sea.

These emotions in the general sense together with the smooth body and daunting appearance that these shark creatures are always famous for make this tattoo an appealing and extraordinary piece.

Black and white shark tattoo

Whenever you are considering the shark tattoos, it is appealing to know the available shark varieties for your usage.

Two of the most likable sharks are the great white which is known for its big size and insatiable appetite and also the hammerhead shark known for its appearance that is like an alien.

Attacking shark arm tattoo

Even if you select to make use of these known types, you may also select an unfamiliar shark variety.

One instance is the cookiecutter shark which is known also as the cigar or the luminous shark.

Colourful shark arm tattoo

Such creature is like the hammerhead and is almost supernatural and a very different art piece.

They are small and have green pupils with prominent and rounded lower jaw with sharp teeth and an underbelly that radiates with a green and blue luminescence.

Shark in geometric shapes tattoo

The shark tattoos are not viewed regularly by themselves but are usually put with other life of the undersea and a big nautical theme arrays.

Some instances are a small fish being chased by a shark or by making use of its big bite to free itself from the octopus’ arms or going around the ship’s sides.

Shark back tattoo

The shark tattoos may also portray some of the enormous mythology that they bring.

You may utilize easily the Australian myth of aborigine of Bangudja which is half tiger shark and half man, fighting with the dolphin man thus leaving the Gulf of Carpentaria red rocks.

You may also portray the myth from the native people of Solomon wherein Dakuwanga a shark god ate lost souls.

Tribal shark tattoo

This portrayal may display human figures in translucent form swimming in the dark ocean while a big shark is stalking them.

Another example is the Lamia which is a Greek daimon wherein its name signifies the single shark and is floating in the sea or bringing her child Akheilos or called the Lipless One who was changed into a shark by Aphrodite.

Shark hand tattoo

There are other many ideas that may be utilized in shark tattoos.

No matter what your decision to portray these fearsome and intimidating creatures, they will still symbolizing a predatory and strong nature.