Shooting Star Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The shooting star tattoos usually symbolizes two items namely good luck or the result of a long hope for wish.

The stars were used always a long time ago in tattoo art and are a very well-known design.

Colourful shooting star tattoo

But the shooting star tattoos may be an appealing alternative to a more ordinary style as you may form so many of these image versions.

Shooting star and observer tattoo

The shooting star tattoos that present a fulfilled desire are always viewed with graphic portrayals of the wish of the tattoo wearer.

Shooting star arm tattoo

An object may be created within the star’s head.

This specific style may be able to display many other items too like the serpent’s image or the hazy appearance of a ghostly spirit.

Shooting star belly tattoo

But the shooting star tattoos generally appear like that.

There are different methods to convey this art image.

An actual shooting star always appears like the light in the sky.

This picture may appear to be unclear for some.

Minimalistic shooting star tattoo

Aside from forming a shooting star version realistically, you may utilize a tip sunburst and the tail flames.

You may create a stylized and an appealing tail by forming a group of tiny stars behind the tip.

Your shooting star tattoos may appear like a Catherine Wheel firework or consists of the nautical star head or the Aztec sun.

Shooting star side tattoo

You may also create big shooting star tattoos.

Making use of a portrayal in a realistic manner which is a thicker head and a fading tail behind it, you may also create dazzling zigzag that has swirling or weaved designs.

Tiny shooting star ankle tattoo

In the middle of a design that is swirling, you may put many symbols like another flower or star or the face of a loved one or your very own star sign.

You may also portray a scene with this style like the star hovering through a dark night sky or come crashing to the earth.

Shooting stars leg tattoo

The shooting star tattoos may indicate a deep desire like the stardom wish or be utilized as a symbol for luck.

Whatever the reasons in selecting this style and with a small amount of creativity you are sure that such images will always be beautiful and extraordinary.