Skull Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The skull tattoos are well-known and its popularity continues to rise.

Before rising in fame, such symbolism was not understood as being sinister, rebellious and dark.

But there are many good connotations from this design.

Skull full back tattoo

The skull is always viewed less to signify death and more to signify life.

In other words, the acceptance and understanding of all items really come with death and living.

Skull hand tattoo

Even if there are many good implications, there are also some negative implications too.

But some of the people select to utilize such designs to symbolize endurance and toughness.

One of the most well-known symbols is the crossbones and skull. Such symbol is always utilized to show toxic material.

Skull head tattoo

The skull tattoos have been used as a symbol for the pirates and bikers.

The biker tattoos always portray a flaming skull that is covered with red eyes and in barbed wire.

Skull chest tattoo

They may also present a snake curling in one eye socket and out of the other side.

Though such symbol looks tough, it may be viewed also in a positive way.

For example, the snake in some cultures is considered as a knowledge sign indicating the understanding and knowledge of death may specify power.

Skull thigh tattoo

The pirate skull tattoos have a very clear significance.

They always symbolize anything that has something to do with pirate culture like the skull using blades in a style of crossbones to substitute the bones, or a pirate hat and a glaring stare.

Geometric skull tattoo

Some of the people also prefer to make a balancing style with the gloomy appearance with something that is of lighter background.

For instance there are flowers that are growing anywhere or in the skull’s eye sockets present a balance of dark and light and even death and life.

Watercolour skull tattoo

The skull tattoos may also have an implication for those people in the medical field or those people who suffered and survived illness or accident.

Such tattoos include many other features that are significant to the wearer and always appear realistically.

Skull leg tattoo

There are many other reasons to have a skull tattoo.

You will be sure to make a commotion with this misunderstood but well-known design whether it symbolizes life or death.