Sleeve Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The sleeve tattoos are only for the professional tattoo enthusiast.

Such designs are not just bold but also very visible whether you want to obtain a half-sleeve or a full sleeve.

But if you want to hide your body art and it is considered not an issue, the sleeve tattoos may be amazing in a visual manner and will leave you room for symbolism.

Celtic sleeve tattoo

The most well-known sleeve tattoos styles are based from the Celtic designs.

The Celtic knots are so far the most well-known style in this variety.

Instead of placing together many small pieces, they are always one unending and long thread that enfolds around the arm.

Armour sleeve tattoo

You may either form a flowing Dara knot version which is an emblem of wisdom and strength or just a plain spiral.

You may form a patchwork design of many different Celtic knots if you want something more detailed.

You may utilize a row of triquetra knots which is a symbol of a perfect unity of threefold and below it is a row of quaternary which bears the same meaning to the triquetra and has only fourfold instead of three.

The animals are always used to symbolize arm sleeves wherein the horses, butterflies and even the mythological beasts like the griffins are very common.

Compass and chart sleeve tattoo

Floral artwork is also utilized in a regular manner for the sleeve tattoos.

Such designs always feature the vines going up and covering the arm that is often from wrist to shoulder with such small buds blossoming from the skin. It is common to view other items interconnecting with such vines.

Koi fish sleeve tattoo

You may view insects like the spiders, ladybugs or even the bees buzzing all over the flowers.

You may also view fantasy figures like elves or fairies holding the vines.

If you like a different type, the vine may have the snake’s body or the dragon’s head resting at the wrist or the head sliding beyond the sleeve to your back or chest.

Woman’s face sleeve tattoo

Most of the sleeve tattoos bears a symbol combination that has a meaning to the wearer.

For instance you may see a design that presents a cross with the upper arm bounded by clouds with the sun rising up from behind.

Maori sleeve tattoo

You may also view a star sign interconnecting with the planets and the stars that comprise a specific character.

There are many people who prefer to utilize the koi fish symbol that is swimming upstream.

Tiger woman sleeve tattoo

But you may prefer to make a bigger scene by utilizing other Japanese symbols like frogs that are relaxing in a pool of water below the stream which are good fortune symbols, or butterflies flying above the stream of water which are joy emblems or dragonflies that are diving over the water’s surface which symbolizes victory.

Skull and eye sleeve tattoo

There are limitless number of symbols and images that you may utilize and decide upon. The sleeve tattoos are still one of the boldest styles among all tattoos.