Snake Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The snake tattoos connote in a positive and negative manner.

To some people they symbolize fertility while others consider it as an underworld symbol.

They are viewed as healers and deadly creatures as well.

Black snake chest tattoo

Most symbols are because of the mysterious mythology that binds them.

But if you will not consider the mythology and just focus on the creature, they symbolize strength and are respected deeply for their possible deadliness, power and grace.

Flowery snaky back tattoo

Most of the people like snake tattoos that make use of a portrayal done realistically.

The red and black image of a scarlet snake or a deep black racer snake curling all over the leg or arm are common items to view.

Snake and eagle back tattoo

A big cobra image in the type of a portrait that is on the striking form is an outstanding example of the approach that is realistic.

Another interesting design is the lifelike snake that is biting its fangs into the skin of the tattoo wearer.

Snake ankle tattoo

The snake tattoos do not need to present the whole snake.

It may easily be used to form an extraordinary armband or cover the bigger body areas since the scales of the reptiles have such a colourful nature.

Snake chest and neck tattoo

These scales overlap and appear the same like a tile that is shaped like a diamond.

Each scale rows may have a different colour like the Western coral snakes having straight and black, red and white scales and a timber rattlesnake has lines that are wavy and in different shades of black and steel grey.

Snake leg tattoo

There are many snake tattoos that present a particular scene wherein the snake charmer is an interesting idea and a man with a long beard sitting in the middle of a busy scene in the street or a dark snake that is hypnotized dancing like the smoke from inside the basket that is woven.

Snake’s head tattoo

The cobra may also be presented that is covered all over the sleeping Buddha image thus giving him protection from the sun with his head and neck.

You may also present an image that is more challenging of the goddess Coatlicue wherein the face and skirt consists of many serpents and is placed in a solemn setting to mean the death and life.

Snake and skull tattoo

For some people, the snakes are avoided no matter what. In many cases they have a sound reputation but the fearless who select to have the snake tattoos know that the snake creatures that are considered dangerous bring much beauty and at the same time peaceful.