Sparrow Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The sparrows are considered a freedom symbol, also a true love sign and an accomplishment emblem.

Many sailors utilized this tattoo design to symbolize a finished long journey.

Black and white sparrow arm tattoo

In the modern times, the former prisoners utilized the sparrows to display their independence.

The lovers also use the sparrow tattoos to show off their utmost love that they found or still looking for.

The nautical theme is still the most well-known when sparrow tattoo is the topic.

Sparrows back tattoo

The sparrow tattoos bear the common image of blue and yellow or blue and red bird flying down.

Other oceanic symbols are also included like the ships, nautical stars, compasses, and flags.

You may utilize many of the items that you see in a nautical map for this art style.

Sparrow arm tattoo

For example, you may display the bird preparing itself to dive into the water or even a sparrow flock hovering over the sea coastline.

Many still use the sparrow tattoos to display an eternal love.

One of the most memorable ways of showing this is to display two to three of the sparrow birds diving towards the direction of the nautical star.

This represents freedom to love and to be loved back.

Devil and angel sparrows legs tattoos

One theme difference is to change the star to become a heart shaped figure or maybe put the star at the center of another.

You may also combine the sparrow symbol with other love emblems.

For instance, you may display your bird which is carrying a maple leaf—this is the symbol of North American parental love.

Colourful sparrow tattoo

You may display the bird pinching at a ripe apple which is an abundance symbol or a fervent love or maybe physical passion.

You may also display it using a red rose in talons or maybe hovered on top of a harp symbolizing romantic love.

An interesting idea for this specific style is to form a sparrow mosaic within a triangle.

Sparrow shoulder tattoo

The triangle is a symbol of the Egyptians that symbolizes various items wherein love capacity is included.

The sparrow tattoos are always utilized within different symbols.

In this process, they are part of a bigger picture.

Flying sparrow tattoo

For this corresponding style, you will view on a regular basis the brightly coloured image that is using the style of a cartoon.

But some people like to utilize a more sensible portrayal of a small white and brown bird.

The said sparrow may be suspended on a branch or even in flight viewing into the distance or simply just singing.

Sparrows legs tattoo

Even if the sparrow tattoos have very profound line in the past, they belong somewhere in the modern society.

After all the freedom will stay always a significant component of human existence.