Spiritual Tattoo Ideas & Designs

Even if it is difficult to tell the difference between spirituality and religion, there are many people who find out that there is a wide gap.

So instead of following any specific church, it is significant to nourish the individual soul.

Eye of Horus tattoo

But like in all the other religions, the spirituality has its own particular symbolism and there are many people who feel the necessity to convey their beliefs with the spiritual tattoos.

Hand with eye tattoo

One of the most well-known spiritual tattoo symbols is the eye.

For many people an eye that is done on the skin or anywhere else serves as a talisman for protection.

It is understandable since you will definitely have an eye that is open to the world and will be watching out for you.

Butterfly with eyes tattoo

The eyes serve as the window to your soul and you may easily convey the idea by forming a big eye with many reflections.

Each of these reflections will be displaying your different spirit shades.

The eye with heavy lids that seems to be opening is viewed as a spiritual awakening symbol.

Spiritual back tattoo

With this type of version you may utilize one of the colours that are connected with various spiritual personalities and moods that is dark green meaning balance, gold meaning wisdom, light and light blue signifying peace, among others.

Algiz tattoo

Another occurring spiritual tattoo archetype is time.

This is conveyed in different methods.

But one of the most ordinarily viewed pieces is the hour glass.

The glass is dependent on the state of mind of the wearer and may be almost full.

Such design is always displayed in its most well-known form like wooden bases with two glass pyramids that are filled with sand.

Pyramid and time tattoo

Another version is to form a colourful item like the bases with metallic shades while the result of the sand transformation is fine quartz or crystal.

One more outstanding example for the time is the pendulum.

You may be able to form a design detail and add other important symbols that matter to you on a personal basis.

Flowery eye tattoo

There are many people who prefer to utilize items like script, runes and Egyptian emblems for their spiritual tattoos.

All of these bear significant meaning.

The rune Algiz is an emblem of spirit guides; this is a long Y with the body pushing through the formation of the upper V.

The Egyptian Ka emblem is the spirit symbol which will last long after the body dies; this appears in the form of a horn of a ram.

Eye of Horus tattoo ideas

The spiritual tattoos may use various symbols.

However each design signifies the same items and the belief of the wearer is the appreciation for his own extraordinary soul.