Sport Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The sport tattoos have simple meanings and they display pride in the specific team of a person or in their favored sport.

What really differs is the type of person who has them or it may be a fanatic or an ardent player or showing of support to a loved one who is going for the kill.

NBA Chicago Bulls tattoo

There are many people who prefer to display their support in a specific team by utilizing the logo of the team or mascot.

Canadian hockey tattoo

There is a Bears fan that may utilize the literal translation and portray a violent bear going through the logo of a team or a Notre Dame fan who may present the leprechaun image in a fighting posture.

Baseball tattoo

There are other people who like sport tattoos that convey their passion for a specific game.

An enthusiast of hockey may have their favorite team colours.

However instead of wearing the logo of the team, they may utilize the hockey sticks that are crossed over a puck that is waiting.

American football tattoo

Some of the people may combine also symbols like a soccer ball on fire that is kicked into the air or even a basketball with wings.

For those people who fully support a specific player, they may utilize a banner style that features dates and even names with the number of the players inscribed on the ball.

Conor McGregor tattoo

Some of the people also prefer to form broad scenes with their sport tattoos like the football field image with the players wearing their uniforms with the background of their hometown’s cityscape.

Maradona tattoo

But there are others that like some other modest designs and utilize simply their team’s name.

They may make use of simple fonts like Arial or script.

You may also at times view this style with a corresponding border.

Muhammad Ali tattoo

This border may be an outline of their chosen sports belongings or even bring on the tribal look with sharp edges.

The latter usually will be display with the colours of the teams.

Diego Maradona’s face tattoo

So even if the sport tattoos may be a bit perky to some people, they may get them with the game’s excitement, the crowd thrill and the fellow fans’ connection will just not fade at all.