Star Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The star tattoos bear many meanings depending on the star’s style and type.

They may be aspirational signs and goals that have been set in your life with an important meaning.

Star of David arm tattoo

The meaning of the star tattoos may also depend on the number of points that the star has.

Those people with star tattoos do not readily bear a meaning.

Star made of stars tattoo

However it is an appealing design that a person selects to have it done on their body.

  • Shooting Star. When you are considering having a star tattoo that symbolizes an important stage in the life of a person, an ideal tattoo is the shooting star. This may symbolize many things from a special relationship to enlightenment to promotion and much more. Anything that will make a person change may be represented by the shooting star tattoos.
Shooting star tattoo
  • Nautical Star. A nautical star is a guidance symbol. The old superstitions say that the nautical star would assist in guiding a person on their travel or going safely back home. More often than not when a person is asking for guidance, the nautical star present the best significance of such feelings. This star image bears a special place in the guidance and protection and may be able to make for the great star tattoos.
Nautical star with yin and yang tattoo
  • Pentagram Star. The pentagram is a well-known star tattoo and its significance is diverse in a general way whether the star points are going up or down. Whenever it is facing downward, most people feel that it is a satanic symbol representing the Ram’s head. If the pentagram is pointing in an upward direction, according to the beliefs of Celtic, it symbolizes balance, protection, magic as well as story-telling. The five points symbolize the four elements with the fifth element on the very top and symbolizes the Spirit who lords over all of the elements. Such star tattoos are suggested for any person to represent the sense of harmony too.
Pentagram star tattoo
  • The Star of David. The Star of David or the hexagram is another well-known star among all religious aspect. Such star came from the fact that it was relayed that David before brought the shield that look like the six pointed star whenever he overcame Goliath in the fight. It represents the interaction between the Divine and mankind. This star was also referred to as the Creator’s Star or the Seal of Solomon. This Jewish star has been viewed for many centuries already since the days of the Nazis and one of the more well-known star tattoo designs.
Star of David back tattoo
  • Seven-Pointed Star. The seven pointed star, better known as the septagram is attractive to the individual’s spiritual side as it is what is represented. This may be connected to many Hindu symbols when it is paired with the seven planets. The fact that the number seven plays an important role in the luck superstitions and fortune plays a role into the septagram. It is said that such star symbolizes the perfect male.
  • Octogram Star. Any person who has a sense of fullness may be interested in the octogram or the eight pointed star. The octogram together with the Pagans and the Egyptians alike bears some meaning when it is paired with the Ogdoad of ancient Egypt or the Pagan wheel. It may also be utilized as an emblem for the American firefighters wherein they bears some significant meaning.
Octogram star tattoo
  • Nanogram Star. Last but not the least, the nanogram is famous as the nine pointed star and even symbolizes the stability or achieved items in the life of a person. It is said that to represent the nine worlds.
Nanogram star tattoo

Whatever the reason the person selects to get star tattoos, there is the important aim or the symbolization of the tattoo or a beautiful ornament that a person selects to have on their body.