Strawberry Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The images used for the strawberry tattoos do not need to be realistic.

The graphic designs and illustrations may also be used to form an appealing art piece.

Strawberry in lips tattoo

Some of the instances are the geometric strawberry.

Such design may portray the strawberry’s basic shapes and may be filled in or marked or bare or numbered like in a drawing guide.

Small strawberry shoulder tattoo

Other strawberry tattoos may display this fruit in a sketch of three dimensions which has some shading or appears in a metallic way so that it will look like it is sticking out from the skin.

Realistic strawberry tattoo

There are many people who prefer to utilize the images anatomically for their strawberry tattoos.

Strawberry and rose tattoo

One design is to portray the strawberry as a heart which may either be presented from a cavity that leaves the chest open or it may be molded into the heart shape illustration.

Strawberry leg tattoo

At times the people will present the strawberry as pierced or just bleeding.

The seeds may also be presented as tiny knives or barbed wires enveloping the strawberry heart.

Watercolour strawberry tattoo

The strawberry tattoos may at times be morphed to become a dark image.

But these designs are light hearted and fanciful.

Strawberry back tattoo

Whatever way or direction, the strawberry tattoos will still be a sweet and sultry symbol.

Black and white strawberry tattoo