Sun Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The sun is most important light sources and of warmth and growth.

It gives us clarity after a night full of shadows and gives even protection from all the items that prowl in the darkness.

Sun and moon arm tattoo

Due to these, the sun tattoos may a deep impact.

The sun also brings many symbols of mythology that come with intrigue as well.

Aztec sun tattoo

The sun god may be viewed in every culture all over history.

But one of the more well-known portrayals is Helios who is a Greek god.

He is not only the sun god but also the sun itself. Such image may be converted into tattoo art.

The story of Helios started with a Helios himself driving a chariot that is led by four horses that breathe fire everyday thereby sky is lightened up.

Sun chest tattoo

This image may be done in bold and bright colours or even in black and white.

It may also be done in a classic style of painting or in an illustration done in the modern way.

Sun foot tattoo

The appeal of the sun tattoos is not just the simple shape but also the adaptability potential in design.

You may want to try an antique woodblock that is monotone or even a Celtic mosaic that is colourful.

Sun in geometric shape tattoo

You may combine symbols to relay a personal story with the blossoming sun from the rose stem to represent love or the glowing sun behind a religious emblem to display the warmth one received from their personal belief.

Small sun leg tattoo

The tribal style is a very well-known sun design.

The tribal sun tattoos are always so simple and makes use of clean, sharp lines and minimal colours. The most used colours are red, black and blues.

Even if these are usually viewed as just a simple circle with points jagged from it, there are other methods to use this style.

Sun and moon side tattoo

For example, you may utilize some that are a little bit softer like forming sun rays to look like watery waves.

A face or a symbol may be included in the sun’s body.

Tribal sun tattoo

The sun tattoos may be simple and light hearted or meaningful and very elaborated.

But you may select to portray this old and unique symbol, you will be sure to create an outstanding statement.