Swallow Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The swallow tattoos are very well-known designs that have various meanings worldwide.

The swallow tattoos for a sailor were famous as a status symbol.

Swallow back shoulder tattoo

The tattoo originated from the name of the ship “The Swallow” wherein the ship underwent a mutiny and each sailor had a swallow tattoo on their chests so that they will get to know one another.

Small swallow chest tattoo

The swallow tattoos are said to protect the sailor on each of their journey while others believed that if ever a sailor dies at sea and bears a swallow tattoo on their chest then the sailor’s spirit will go to heaven.

Geometric swallow tattoo

Because of this, the swallow tattoos comforts the sailors.

The first swallow tattoo signified that the sailor traveled 5,000 miles and the second tattoo signified that they traveled 10,000 miles.

The swallow tattoos symbolize the most of the working-class people in the UK.

Swallow hand tattoo

The older men having swallow tattoo were considered great fighters when they were younger and the tattoo was intended to provide them fast hands.

Swallow side belly tattoo

The meaning of the tattoos is “these fists fly” and may be placed on the back of the hands.

Swallow made of dots tattoo

The swallow tattoos are utilized in prison to symbolize white power which is sometimes considered a gang tattoo.

Then some of the prisoners that are freed may have the swallow tattoo to symbolize freedom.

Swallow side tattoo

The swallow is the only bird that partners for life so the tattoo is a love sign, and loyalty and hope to the family.

The tattoo is mixed always with the stars or the flowers.

Two swallows chest tattoo

The swallow tattoos are usually done in twos, one for death and one for life, one for evil and one for good together with the yin and yang type tattoo lines.