Sword Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The sword tattoos are viewed generally as a valor symbol and a danger symbol as well.

There are many men and women in the military who utilize the sword tattoos as honor emblems, symbols of justice and talismans of protection.

Sword arm tattoo

But the sword is a rare view.

There are still many symbols out there that have a bigger story.

The wings and the flames are two of the symbols that are always viewed in sword tattoos.

A sword that is surrounded in flames signifies a religious meaning and a purification image.

Sword calf tattoo

But the wings signify a particular getting away from the danger as the swords are utilized generally as a protection.

There are many people who prefer to envelop their swords in limper images like two swords passing through a heart or a vine with growing flowers all over the blade.

Japanese swords tattoo

There are many sword tattoos that are a fraction of a bigger scene.

Some examples are the portrayal style of the two samurais in battle or a knight in medieval times with the raised sword and charging forward on his stallion or even a gentleman showing off his blade.

Sword finger tattoo

Some of the people prefer to display the fearsome weapon’s contrast with the curve sensuality of the female figure.

She may be of various genres like a warrior or a pirate or in the 1940s attire.

Sword leg tattoo

The sword tattoos are done at times by themselves.

This style may be displayed on the skin or even piercing through the skin too.

Depending on how you will place it, there are an infinite amount of designs that you may utilize to intensify the look.

There are many people who prefer to utilize a portrayal that is realistically done.

Tribal sword tattoo

Such style may have a braid work wooden or leather hilt or a big heavy pommel and even a sharp long blade.

You may also decorate your sword by adding the gems or add to the pommel the family crest or add to the blade the scroll work pattern or add to the guard the bones or metal wings.

Sword and snake tattoo

Many people prefer to make use of a design that is similar to the tribal art to be able to give an unrealistic but appealing appearance.

Such pieces are always accomplished in black colour and have drastic and sharp lines.

It is just common to view a dragon or a snake that is elongated into the sword’s image or skulls and crosses that are worked to the maximum.

Sword and tiger tattoo

The sword tattoos may be done in a big picture or just by themselves along.

Whatever is selected on how to portray them, it is ensured that a brave and tough and honorable feeling will be experienced in your artwork.