Taurus Tattoo Ideas & Designs

In the Greek mythology Zeus the god got the bull form to be able to win the love of Europa, his love.

The Taurus is a feminine negative sign in terms of astrological symbolism.

The bull’s personification is masculine.

The people who select the Taurus tattoos focused on the sign’s true vernacular whether they are male or female.

Colourful Taurus tattoo

The various designs of the Taurus tattoos mixed the old understanding of the contemporary art with the sign.

The Taurus tattoos may be able to display the bull in a passive manner or in an active form with the raging or snorting or charging bull.

It all depends on the designer.

Black Taurus shoulder tattoo

The Taurus tattoos enables to show the true nature of a Taurean which is consistent, ambitious, and with so much dedication to the purpose and cause.

The bull takes much of his time overseeing the bull herd and grows tired if there is too much socializing and seeks solitude until his own resources are fulfilled.

Geometric Taurus tattoo

Thus the bull will be found just sitting on a hill, peaceful, alone and restful.

Try to irritate the bull when he is tired and he will really charge angrily like the saying “bull in a china shop”.

He will get past the onlookers on a fast pace and bring disorder in his path.

So it is advised not to get too close to the bull whenever he is very hungry or tired or sick.

Since the Taurus is always charged mentally, he is not always bored.

Red Taurus chest tattoo

This is the second horoscope sign and has more depth than the solitude or rage illusions.

The significance of the Taurus is endured by observation in a random manner.

These may seem like a potential danger or threat.

Bull head with Taurus constellation tattoo

This is what binds the Taurus to the humans.

The Taurus tattoos have various designs wherein the Taurus has a mass power configuration that is mythical.

There is no existing Taurus myth at all. The Taurus is driven, straight forward and very insightful.

Taurus arm tattoo

When the Taurus is alone, they will be able to connect with the Taurean’s emotional side.

No other humans and other forms of life are better as compared with a Taurus.

Even a specific bull needs tender loving care to soften the blows every so often.

This is the period when the Taurus is vulnerable.

Taurus shoulder tattoo

The Taurus own vulnerability is its anathema to his own power and drive but Taurus has no emotional moodiness period.

He is just very busy to settle for emotional details or a lost love.

Tribal Taurus tattoo

Select your Taurus tattoo design very well.

Always be certain that you are comfortable with the long term period.

A very uncomfortable Taurus will change into an agitated, grumpy and irritated one. It is best to prioritize your bull with its tender loving care.

Do not classify the top ranking status and you may wave a red flag in front of his face.