Thorn Tattoo Ideas & Designs

The thorns bear many meanings that are depending on where you are likely to see them.

If the thorns are placed on a rose, utmost beauty may be indicated but is never touched. If the thorns are placed upon a cross, they bear religious significance.

Thorns back tattoo

They are an emblem of self preservation, self defense and complete protection from those people who may hurt us.

People may likely obtain thorn tattoos for the stated reasons.

They are also utilized since they look unsafe and a certain toughness to any piece.

Thorn arm bands tattoo

Majority of the thorn tattoos are utilized in armband pieces and are always simple and are enfolded around the upper arm.

But they are always seen enfolded around an ankle, a wrist, or the wearer’s waist.

Thorns chest tattoo

There are many people who prefer to utilize the tribal style.

However you may at times view brown thorns in a realistic manner.

Thorns that are made of gold or metal, or have petite flower blossoms or even engulfed in fire are viewed less however it is felt more.

Thorns and dagger tattoo

Some of the thorn tattoos are religion-based.

The sacred heart that is wrapped in thorns or even in a crown of thorns is set on the head of Jesus Christ or on its own are some of the great examples.

Thorns and rose tattoo

You may form a cross by using a crown of thorns that is located around the top or a dove that is making a nest of thorns or shape the thorns to become the sacred heart’s shape.

This may be done as an armband style or a patch style.

Thorns upper arm tattoo

There are just a few thorn tattoos that are combined together with symbols regarded to be more romantic.

For example, a thorn may be seen as push through a heart that is always utilized as another option to the classic broken heart.

A heart that has the style of a cartoon may be enfolded with thorns to represent a guarded heart.

A rose with a thorn affirms untouchable beauty.

Thorns hand tattoo

But the stem that has so many thorns may be utilized to designate protection.

You may form a bush of thorns with just one bright red rose blossoming or cover the rose around the thorn.

You may also combine the two themes, and enclose a rose around the heart with thorns combining the two in a tight fashion.

Crown of thorns on Jesus’ head tattoo

There are various ways to utilize the thorn tattoos to enhance a broader theme or simply just a main piece.

A particular sense of protection, strength and toughness may be added either way to your piece with small painful symbols.