Tiki Tattoo Ideas & Designs

When you think of the tiki tattoos, you will think about the big and detailed masks and statues combined with bold and floral designs and hula girls and outdoor images that are colourful.

Colourful tiki tattoo

There are around 400,000 gods and goddesses and more than 4000 engraved images of each.

Every image has its own style and meaning.

Searching for the perfect items is very good.

Tiki calf tattoo

There are many people who prefer tiki tattoos to present the beautiful totems that are well-carved in their known wooden form.

These tattoos may be done by themselves or with a sandy beach background with frothy waves and palm trees swaying in the wind.

Tiki leg tattoo ideas

They may also be bounded by the exotic Hawaiian beauties or the beach crowd of the 1950s.

Some of the regularly utilized tiki gods are Kane Milohai who formed the universe and represents the full life or Lono who is the god of peace, rain and music and also symbolizes fertility or Ku who is the war god and symbolizes fear and brute force.

Tiki hand tattoo

Kane Milohai and Kanaloa which is the god of the sea are usually matched together in art and may be utilized in many tiki tattoos to symbolize the sea’s wild forces and nature’s taming powers.

Some of the people who like to form tiki tattoos appearing in the style of a totem.

Such tattoos may usually present various tiki masks with the gods signifying various powers and emotions.

Tiki mask tattoo

For example the mask of Hina who is the goddess of love may be placed on top of the Haumea mask who is the fertility goddess.

You may also form a string of different tiki masks to form an armband or may even put them on a large body part to form something similar to a wooden puzzle that is colourful.

Tiki shoulder tattoo

There are many tiki tattoos that may be viewed using the style of a cartoon.

These tattoos usually make the tiki gods look alive.

They are seen in the middle of surfing, wild dance or coming away from the tattoo wearer’s skin altogether.

These are always done in bold shades.

Tiki sleeve tattoo

The most common is purple and electric blue, even shocking red and lime green.

These portray in a general manner some of the deities that are aggressive like the Kaupe, Kauhuhu and Pele the goddess.

Some of the people like to utilize masks for this specific style instead of the statues as they like to make a scene of a specific person in a specific exotic locale either informing or frightening the people all over him

Tiki wrist band tattoo

The Hawaiian culture fascinates many people and the tiki tattoos are some of the various methods to convey the love and interest of this appealing civilization.